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Wilbur is a woodworker who lives in New Jersey. He enjoys all aspects of woodworking, but especially projects that can be done with hand tools.

Top Tips for Choosing and Using Wood Rasps

A cabinetmaker’s rasp

Are you tired of working with straight lines, and want to shape wood into curved forms? Rasps are one way to accomplish this task. Learn about what to look for in a rasp, and how to use them for shaping.

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How to Flatten a Board Using a Plane

Planes with thin and thick shavings

Hand planes are usually used to get very thin shavings, but when you need to use a plane to remove wood quickly, they can be adjusted to achieve quicker results. Learn how here!

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How to Pick the Best Bandsaw Blade for the Job

Bandsaw blade ready to go

A bandsaw allows you to saw boards, make veneers, rip lumber, make curved cuts and more. But these tasks are difficult without the right blade. Find out how to determine the best bandsaw blade for your job.

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