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Hi! I am Wendy McGowan, cake artist and former owner of Wendy Woo Cakes in Wellington, Florida! I love all things cake and am so excited to share my ideas with you! When I am not talking about, baking, decorating or eating cake, you will find me screaming on thrill rides and hanging out with my 2 kids and amazing husband at theme parks! And in case you are wondering…Wendy Woo is a nickname given to me by my Grandma, she taught me to bake and decorate cakes and lit the spark of my love for cake! Visit to check out my cakes! Happy Baking!

5 Modeling Chocolate Tools You Need in Your Cake Decorating Toolbox

Modeling Chocolate Mini Cakes Modeling chocolate is an incredibly versatile medium that's working its way into the mainstream mix of cake decorating sugar doughs. Some of the benefits of modeling chocolate are stability without long drying times, strength without internal structure, and pliability while not drying out. Whether you love modeling chocolate or you are just starting out, these modeling chocolate tools will make working with this cake decorating medium oh so easy! Read more »

Beyond Beginning: 5 Cake Designs for Intermediate Designers

2- LAtkinson You have been practicing, you are gaining confidence, you have made a few cakes for friends and family and you are feeling ready to stretch your wings and learn to fly into new cake decorating techniques and take your cakes to the next level. Here are a few cakes to help inspire you to spread your wings. Read more »

Seeing Spots: How to Make an Animal Print Cake

IMG_5407 Animal prints never go out of style. They are fun on jungle-themed baby shower or birthday cakes, and stylish on designer-style birthday and wedding cakes. Animal prints can be depicted in natural tones or fun colorful designs. In this tutorial on how to make an animal print cake, we'll cover how to paint zebra and leopard prints, as well as how to make giraffe prints from fondant. Read more »

Secret Garden of Cakes: How to Pipe Leaves

How to Pipe Leaves on Craftsy

There's a secret to transforming your cakes with beautiful foliage, creating a secret garden of vines and leaves. Learn how to pipe fast and easy buttercream or royal icing leaves for lovely, garden-inspired cakes.

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Cake Stenciling Techniques: Your Secret to Quick, Beautiful Cakes

ACAKEMAKER1 Cake stenciling is a hot new trend in cake decorating and is so fabulous because with stencils, it can look like you spent hours piping and working to create perfect lines and intricate details, but in fact, it can take just a few minutes to produce a beautifully decorated cake. Let's take a look at some different cake stenciling techniques you can try. Read more »

Inspiring Art: Hand-Painted Fondant Cakes We Love

Hand-Painted Fondant Cake Over the last hundred years, cakes have evolved from yummy desserts to true works of art. With the invention of fondant and the development of edible food coloring, cake decorators the world over have stretched the limits of cake decorating techniques. Get your artistic imagine flowing with these inspiring creations by the Craftsy community! Read more »