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An attorney by day, Sarah turns to knitting in her free time to unwind. She loves to knit soft, fluffy baby blankets, sweaters for her mom, shawls and kicky berets for her sister, and whatever fun or crazy items her friends challenge her to create. She is currently working on a custom pattern for an Imperial Tie Fighter. She has yet to knit anything for her dog, but the dog eyes each new yarn purchase with suspicion. It’s only a matter of time.

The First Step to Knitting: The Slip Knot

Knitting Slip KnotIn knitting, we always try to avoid making knots in our yarn. We join yarns by knitting with both the old and new yarns for several stitches. We weave in the ends of our yarn rather than tying knots. Knitting and knots don't mix - except at the very beginning. The very first step in any knitting project is to make a slip knot. Read more »

Casting Off Your Knitting

Knitting Cast Off

Your knitting project is finished. Now how do you get your work off the needle? If it's been a while since you've finished a project, or if you're just learning how to knit, here's a quick refresher on how to cast off.

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The Beginning: A Good Place to Start Learning to Knit

Knitting Cast-OnYou won’t learn everything there is to know about knitting from one blog post. But here, you will learn the very first steps, including how to get your first row of stitches on to a needle and how to transition into the knit stitch. This is the tutorial I give to my friends when I’m first teaching them to knit. Read more »

Knit in the Round With Confidence! Circular Knitting Tutorial


Get step-by-step details on how to knit in the round, including the nitty gritty stuff most patterns leave out. What do twisted stitches look like? When working circular knitting, how do you hold your work? How do you cast on to double-point needles? Find out here.

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How to Knit a Beautiful Bag

Knitted BagLooking to knit something other than the standard scarf, sweater, or socks? How about my new favorite project: a knitted bag? The possibilities are nearly endless, from coin purses to tote bags, and the knitting itself is quick and easy. Knitted in the round, in pieces grafted together, or in one long piece folded in half, bags will be a great addition to your knitting repertoire. Read more »

Learn Loop Cast-On Knitting

Loop Cast-On KnittingLearn how to cast-on or add stitches in the middle of a row by making a loop out of your yarn. By holding only one needle, you can create new stitches by creating a loop in your working yarn and placing it on the needle. Unlike a yarn-over, a loop cast-on stitch will have an edge and function like a regular knitted stitch. Read more »

Ultimate Knitting Stash Busters

Stash Busting Knitted ProjectLet no yarn be wasted! Even the smallest leftover balls of yarn can have some purpose. Whether you’re knitting tiny, multi-colored ornaments, making up extra I-cord as a finishing detail for other craft projects, or using your scraps as stuffing in a teddy bear, there are always ways you can use up those last little remnants of yarn. Read more »

Use Short Rows to Shape Your Circular Knitting

Short Row Shaping for Circular KnittingShort row shaping is how we account for human curves when we’re making a garment. It’s one thing to work short rows when knitting flat. But as we know, most things are a little different when working in the round. Read more »

Tips for Knitting Beautiful Baby Hats

Baby Hat KnittingBaby hats are quick knitting projects, great gifts, and perfect for stash-busting. Baby hats can be made for all seasons, whether with lightweight cotton yarn or superwash wools. Just be sure always to remember baby’s special needs: soft, cozy yarns, safe construction, and washability. Read more »