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Sara Barnes is a creative person, fraternal twin, and dessert enthusiast based in Baltimore, Maryland. She is the lady behind Brown Paper Bag, a daily art blog that catalogs the visually delightful work that she finds. In addition to writing, Sara enjoys planning things like Sampler, a contemporary embroidery project that repurposes vintage fabrics. Working and writing about others inform's her own artistic practice in collage and free-form embroidery.

The Artistic Way to Splatter Paint

Splatter technique with acrylic paint

Do your paintings need a little energy? This wonderfully easy and fun technique will completely enliven your artwork! Learn three strategies and six helpful tips for splattering paint using acrylic and watercolor. Read more »

Here’s How to Paint Complex Reflective Objects in Just 3 Steps

painting reflections complete

With their countless highlights and shadows, reflective subjects look like a challenge — but creating a shiny appearance is easier than you think! This tutorial breaks the process down into easy-to-follow steps that will make shiny objects look deceptively 3-D.

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The Power of Contour Lines in Art

Finished drawing using contour lines

Contour lines in art are everywhere. You can hardly create a drawing without them! Learn about this powerful, fundamental force with an easy and fun exercise.

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Secrets for Painting Silhouettes: 11 Expert Tips & 2 Easy Tutorials

Two cat silhouettes

At first glance, a silhouette seems like simple subject to render in paint. But "simple" doesn't mean "boring"! In fact, because silhouettes are easy to paint, they present an opportunity to explore more creative possibilities and experiment with new techniques or mediums. Check out two tutorials packed with tips for painting silhouettes in two different ways.

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