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Sandrine Pelissier is a watercolor, acrylic and mixed media artist from Canada. She is inspired by the West coast landscapes but also enjoys painting portraits and life drawing. While her paintings seem to be fairly realistic she likes to experiment and add a touch of abstraction. She has been published in art books and magazines including the Splash, best of watercolor series, the mixed media book "Incite", the Artist magazine, Watercolor Artist magazine and International Artist magazine.

Drawing the Human Body: 5 Tips for Drawing the Torso

shoulders and hips As an artist, it helps to know the major muscles groups and bones muscles that are visible on an average model, but you don't need to take an anatomy class before mastering drawing this part of the body. With a few helpful tips, you can get it right without memorizing a single flashcard. Read more »

Mixed Mediums: Modifying Acrylic Paint With Mediums

acrylic gel medium to increase paint transparency Modifying Acrylic Paint With Medium

Acrylic paint mediums make this already adaptable paint even more dynamic. But what are the different mediums? How does each modify the paints properties? This quick overview will help you access the versatility acrylic paint mediums allow!

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Work of Art: 12 Tips on How to Create a Perfect Art Portfolio


For artists, your portfolio is your resume. Having a great art portfolio allows you to show your work when applying for jobs or approaching a gallery for representation. Learn how to build your portfolio so you can present your work, and yourself, in the best way possible.

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Gesture Drawing: 6 Tips for Capturing the Art of Motion

Series of Male Gesture Sketches

Gesture drawing is one of the building blocks of life drawing, helping artists better understand human anatomy. Aiming to capture the human body in motion, the process involves a subject who moves through a series of poses, pausing briefly in each pose. This type of drawing is good training for artists, and makes for a great warm-up exercise. Learn some tips and tricks regarding this valuable artistic skill.

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Back to Basics: Essential Tools and Materials for Acrylic Painting

Bottles of Acrylic Paint

Acrylic painting is a highly versatile medium. Because it's affordable, almost odorless and dries quickly, knowing how to use this medium has many advantages. With a few tips and tricks (like additives or finish), you can manipulate acrylic to mimic anything from the softness of watercolors to the boldness of oil paint.

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4 Impressionists Techniques to Try Yourself

Rennpferde by Degas

Even though each impressionist artist did develop his own style and might have had a different style as well as different concerns and favorite subjects, there are core common ideas and techniques that apply to this type of painting. Let's take a look at the various impressionist techniques, and how you can incorporate them into your own work.

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