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Sandrine Pelissier is a watercolor, acrylic and mixed media artist from Canada. She is inspired by the West coast landscapes but also enjoys painting portraits and life drawing. While her paintings seem to be fairly realistic she likes to experiment and add a touch of abstraction. She has been published in art books and magazines including the Splash, best of watercolor series, the mixed media book "Incite", the Artist magazine, Watercolor Artist magazine and International Artist magazine.

Portrait of an Artist: Glustav Klimt’s Controversial Pattern in Painting


Gustav Klimt, born in 1862, use of patterns and texture in painting built his reputation as a famous Austrian artist. While his paintings are less shocking to our modern eye, these works caused quite the stir in the early 20th century. Let's learn more about the painting provoker who mastered the art of mixing the old with the new and the real with the abstract.

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Breaking All The Rules: Surrealist Painting

Exquisite Corpses- Surrealism on the Craftsy Blog Surrealism was a 20th century cultural movement that included visual arts as well as literature, movies, music and philosophy with origins in dadaism and in Sigmund Freud's writings. This movement has had an enormous influence on the generations of artists that have followed. Learning more about the story behind surrealism, including the development's most prominent artists, can provide backing and inspiration to your own works! Read more »

Make It Pop With Perspective! One-Point Perspective Drawing

ART_1P_PERSPECTIVE The two dimensional surface of a painting is called the picture plane. When figure artists attempt to represent 3-D on this 2-D picture plane, a basic knowledge of perspective is necessary in order to make the painting believable and realistic. Here's an overview on the basics of one-point perspective to give your drawings depth and dimension. Read more »

How to Draw the Foot: 5 Things To Remember When Drawing Feet

École_de_Léonard_de_Vinci_-_Codex_Vallardi_2261 Feet can be challenging to draw because there is so many details to pay attention to. But, as with everything else in drawing, it helps to know what to look for in terms of shapes, and also how to place them in the right position on the paper. Here are a few tips to help you draw then accurately! Read more »

Renaissance: The Birth of Traditional Realism in Painting

Leonardo_da_Vinci_-_Lady_with_an_Ermine The Renaissance period certainly showed an amazing leap towards paintings looking more and more realistic. This realism movement was mostly due to advances in painting techniques and skills. Let's step back in time to review techniques in traditional realism that has defined painting for generations. Read more »