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Rochelle's obsession with vintage sewing started early, thanks to her mom's knack for making costumes and reciting lines from old movies. Inspired by the 1940s, Rochelle shares her projects and hosts the annual Sew For Victory sew-along, on her blog Lucky Lucille. Rochelle won the 2013 Craftsy Blogger Award for best photography, and has been featured in several craft magazines and online publications for her vintage projects. Aside from sewing, Rochelle enjoys rescuing animals, WWII reenacting, bowling, snowboarding, knitting, and letting other people cook for her.

Tie It All Together: 5 Essential Types of Garment Closures

hooks When sewing garments with any type of fitted shape it's essential to have an opening that you can make bigger to get into, and smaller to close around you. This is where types of garment closures come into play. Not only are they an important part of sewing garments, but these notions are also a means of personalizing your sewing for a look that's all your own. Read on to learn about 5 essential garment closures! Read more »

Bucket List Projects: Advanced Sewing Patterns Every Sewist Should Make

advanced_formalgown Everyone rates pattern difficulty differently. There are some industry standards based on what sewing skills are needed to complete a certain sewing project with any given pattern, but sewers also have their own scale of difficulty based on personal preference. Here's a round up of sewing patterns and projects that I think will inspire the intermediate seamstress. Read more »

Find the Silver Lining: Helpful Tips For Lining A Dress Bodice

photo 4 Adding a lining to your dress is beneficial in many ways. Aside from looking very professional, linings also add stability to the dress, opacity to the fabric, and make the dress easier to wear. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when lining a dress bodice Read more »

Sewing Patterns for Knit Fabrics That Are Perfect for Summer Wear!

knitdresses Knit fabrics are ideal for summer because they're comfortable, versatile, and easy to wear: All the things we tend to love during the hotter months. Today, I've rounded up some fabulous knit patterns and projects to fill your wardrobe with knits for every summer occasion! Read more »

Sewing Shirts: How to Sew a Simple Summer Top

KimonoPatternFinished The Kimono Top pattern by Salme is an excellent project for all kinds of sewers. It's great for experienced sewers because it's quick to make and works well with more challenging fabrics like silk or chiffon, but the pattern is equally great for a beginner because the construction is so simple! If you appreciate more visual instruction, we can work through this pattern together with my simple summer shirt tutorial. Read more »

Fun and Flirty: Tips and Techniques for Sewing the Perfect Dress

dressfitting What first comes to mind when you think of your perfect dress? Our favorite dresses are the ones that fit well, match our personal style and make us feel proud of our sewing. Check out these helpful dress techniques to make the next dress you sew your new favorite! Read more »

Vintage Sewing Techniques: It’s All in the Details

lappedzip Vintage sewing techniques really aren't all that different from moderns ones when it comes down to it but when re-creating vintage garments, it's the small details that make all the difference. Here are three vintage sewing techniques that I think are the most recognizably different when compared to modern sewing. Read more »