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Rochelle's obsession with vintage sewing started early, thanks to her mom's knack for making costumes and reciting lines from old movies. Inspired by the 1940s, Rochelle shares her projects and hosts the annual Sew For Victory sew-along, on her blog Lucky Lucille. Rochelle won the 2013 Craftsy Blogger Award for best photography, and has been featured in several craft magazines and online publications for her vintage projects. Aside from sewing, Rochelle enjoys rescuing animals, WWII reenacting, bowling, snowboarding, knitting, and letting other people cook for her.

Summer Stitching: Embroidery Projects and Patterns to Inspire


Embroidery is a versatile art, doesn't take many supplies to get started and is pretty portable - making it a great craft for the summer months. Here are some great examples of summer embroidery projects and patterns sure to inspire you summertime stitching!

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Soak Up the Fun With A Simple Summer Dress Sewing Tutorial!


Looking for the perfect summer dress to add to your wardrobe? We can help you! Follow along with this step-by-step photo tutorial for sewing an adorable kimono-sleeve dress. This quick, easy project is so versatile - stitch it up in your favorite summer fabric, add a lovely wedge sandal and you'll have yourself the quintessential summer dress!

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Summer Sewing: 6 Simple Dress Patterns for Every Style!


While it's possible to set up a sewing studio on your back porch or in the park (doesn't that sound nice?), it's probably more practical to sew quick, simple patterns (with very few pieces to fuss with!) that won't keep you cooped up for long. Here are a 6 super simple summer dress patterns that will have you out of the sewing room and into the sun in no time.

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