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I have been woodworking for more than 30 years, finding the quiet joy of making things in wood, and still am eagerly absorbing more of the craft. I design and build furniture, and write in Medfield, MA. My work has been exhibited in premier juried artisan shows, fine galleries, and national and regional publications. My technical expertise is known and trusted in the field of woodworking as a widely published writer and teacher.

How to Choose a Jack Plane

jack planes

As your first bench plane or for your only bench plane, a jack plane is the best choice. Here's help for choosing between the bevel-down and bevel-up styles.

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Router Mortising With a Simple Jig

router mortising jig

Check out this effective method for making mortises with a plunge router and a simple woodworking jig. This tutorial offers tips and step-by-step instructions.

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Router Mortising: Plunge Routers and Bits

plunge router

Router mortising is very practical for small shop woodworking because it is efficient, produces great results and uses a highly versatile tool โ€” the router. Learn about the type of router and bits you need for mortising.

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How to Chop a Mortise by Hand

completed mortise

With the right tools and technique, chopping a mortise can be surprisingly efficient and accurate. Here's how to chop a mortise by hand, step by step.

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