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Rebecca has been playing with beads since her grandma gave her her bead box to play with when she was tiny. Now entranced by color, words and all things handmade, she sells her unique art jewellery at and blogs at and, working from her home studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her designs are frequently published in magazines on both sides of the pond, and has taught beading and jewelry making for the past 7 years,both locally and at national bead fairs.

Make Your Own Heart Headpins


Hearts are adorable additions to designs! Learn how to whip up your own wire heart headpins with just a few simple tools.

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Beginner Basics: Make Your Own Jewelry Kit

A selection of beaded jewelry

It can be hard to know where to begin making your own jewelry — so many tools, beads and findings. If you are feeling overwhelmed, here’s a rundown of the essentials to make your own jewelry kit for beading.

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How to Crimp, A Basic Jewelry Making Skill

Example of a bracelet with crimped ends

Crimping is likely one of the first things you did when you started beading. It's easy to do badly but not necessarily easy to do well. In this tutorial, we break down the process so you can successfully make your jewelry super secure every time!

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