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Ramon, better known in gardening circles as MrBrownThumb, is a garden blogging pioneer and author of the popular MrBrownThumb garden blog. He’s a garden speaker, workshop facilitator, community builder, garden educator, and seed saver. He’s written for print publications like the Chicago Tribune, Chicagoland Gardening Magazine, and websites such as TreeHugger and Mother Nature Network.

Quick Guide: Where to Buy Rare Heirloom Seeds

Rare Heirloom Seeds

Is your garden boring? Spice it up by growing rare heirloom plants from seed, which give you the opportunity to grow interesting vegetables for your cooking, and unique flower varieties not found at garden centers. Discover where to find rare heirloom seeds here!

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Trees to Plant in the Fall

Fall Planted Trees

Trees provide a lot of environmental benefits when planted in your yard and landscape. If you think that you can only plant trees in the spring---think again! You can plant trees in the fall. Best part is they are cheaper now.

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What You Need to Know About When to Plant Seedlings

seed starting

Don't throw your money away by planting your seedlings in the garden in the spring before it's the right time. Get tips and advice on how to prepare your seedlings for life outdoors, and when the best time to plant them outdoors is.

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5 Bulbs to Plant in the Fall for Spring Blooms


Is your garden gray and drab in the spring? Plant one or all of these 5 spring-blooming bulbs in your garden this fall for a heavy dose of color and interest in the spring before the garden really comes alive.

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Tips for Adding Fun Flair to Your Fall Container Gardens

Decorative Peppers

Fall is traditionally the time of year that we start to make arrangements to put the garden to bed, but it's also the perfect time to get a little creative in the garden. Need some inspiration? Enjoy these container gardening tips for bringing some fun fall flair to your fall container gardens!

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Bonsai Techniques: 3 Bonsai Styles for Beginners

Multiple Varieties of Bonsai

Want to try your hands at the art of bonsai? Try these three simple and easy bonsai styles that can be achieved while you are mastering the bonsai techniques of the more experienced bonsai growers.

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