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Ramon, better known in gardening circles as MrBrownThumb, is a garden blogging pioneer and author of the popular MrBrownThumb garden blog. He’s a garden speaker, workshop facilitator, community builder, garden educator, and seed saver. He’s written for print publications like the Chicago Tribune, Chicagoland Gardening Magazine, and websites such as TreeHugger and Mother Nature Network.

What Is Urban Farming?

Chicken on an Urban Farm

Seems like everyone is talking about urban farming these days. Wondering what distinguishes an urban farm from a city garden? We cover that here.

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Companion Plants: Myth or Reality?

Cabbage plants

Do you believe in companion planting? Some gardeners swear by it, while others claim it's an old wives' tale. Join us as we dig up the facts here!

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Trend Alert! How to Grow an Air Plant

air plants growing on driftwood

Air plants are just as interesting as any potted plant you can find at your garden center, but they require no soil and are easier to care for than most houseplants. Get tips for growing these trendy plants here!

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The Best Vegetables to Grow Indoors


Grow a farm on your countertop and windowsill! Discover the best vegetables to grow indoors — no expensive lights and needless construction required.

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What Is Deadheading a Flower?

Deadheading a basil plant

No, deadheading does not have anything to do with the Grateful Dead — it's a way to prolong the life of your plants. Learn how to do it here!

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