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I am a Washington, DC based photographer and artist. After studying graphic design in California (when I wasn't surfing or mountain biking) and starting a successful freelance business, I turned my attention to photography. Over the last 5 years I've built up a portfolio that includes portraits of star athletes and musicians, several magazine covers, destination and US weddings, landscapes, and architectural photos. I still love learning new things about light and composition and trying out new technology and software. And I love sharing my knowledge with people who are also interested in photography.

Tips for Printing Photos on Location

A great small, portable printer

With the right process and pricing, printing photography on location can add value to your business and give guests a memento to remember you the next time they need a photographer.

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Print Your Own Photos With These Quick Tips

Today, a photo is more likely to end up on your digital wall than your living room wall. Learn how to print photos almost as instantly as you can post them on Facebook, and you will be more likely to hang them in your home!

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What is TTL?

TTL is great for places with dark or changing lighting conditions.

Through the Lens, is a system for determining the correct exposure for a photograph when using a flash. Many times, the camera’s best guess is very good. Other times it is not, and that is why learning how TTL works is helpful.

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5 Tips for Photographing Eyes

Taken with an iPhone 5 and a macro attachment, in natural light on the beach

The eye is the second most complex organ in our body and is absolutely essential to the photographer. No wonder it makes a compelling photography subject! Learn how to take amazing photos of eyes.

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