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Mitch Roberson is a writer and woodworker who runs Furnitude (, a blog about handmade furniture. A furniture maker for over 20 years, he works in the Arts and Crafts, Shaker and Mid-Century Modern traditions. Mitch’s work has appeared in Fine Woodworking, the Tennessee State Museum and the Knoxville Museum of Art. Find me on Instagram @furnidude.

How to Make a DIY Succulent Planter

finished planter with succulent main

See how a leftover piece of black walnut is transformed into a unique succulent planter — then follow the same steps to try it for yourself with some spare wood you have lying around!

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Finishing Your Krenov-style Wooden Hand Plane: Part 4


The final installment of our four part series on making Krenov-style hand planes, you'll finally create a functional plane and get to make some shavings! Then add the finishing touches to optimize for comfort and use.

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Make a Krenov-style Wooden Hand Plane: Part 3

plane in clamps

Enjoy Part 3 in our series on making a Krenov-style wood-bodied hand plane. In this installment, you'll learn how to establish the bed angle, set the mouth and glue up the entire plane.

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How to Make a Krenov-Style Wooden Hand Plane: Part 2

hand plane

Making your own wood-bodied planes teaches critical woodworking skills and leaves you with a tool you’ll love to use. Let’s get going with milling the wood, drawing the plane and cutting the parts for this wooden smoother.

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3 Must-Have Gadgets for Woodworking

glue set

These three inexpensive woodworking gadgets will help you work more efficiently, accurately and safely. Check out this glue applicator kit, digital protractor and an innovative push block for the jointer.

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