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Meredith Skyer is a freelance writer and photographer from Rochester, NY. She runs a tiny urban farm where she raises livestock, grows food, and creates whimsical works of art. She blogs about her adventures at ImaginAcres, it’s where art meets farm.

Feed Your Plant Obsession by Propagating Succulents at Home


We love gardening with succulents. They only problem? They're expensive! But they don't need to be. If you don't want to break the bank on these trendy plants, consider propagating succulents yourself. We'll show you how to create brand new plants using pieces from your existing plant in this FREE tutorial.

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Buyer Beware: 7 Invasive Plants Commonly Found at Garden Centers

purple loostrife

Garden centers and nurseries across the country commonly sell a number of known invasive species to unwitting customers. These plants are taken home and planted in the garden or yard, and before you know it, their unstoppable spread has taken over your property. Find out plants you should avoid here.

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Grow Your Own Pizza Garden!


Take pizza to the next level by growing the ingredients right in your backyard! There's nothing better than fresh herbs and juicy tomatoes still warm from the sun. See what you need to plant a pizza garden today, and enjoy super fresh pizzas all year round.

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What’s Wrong With My Rose Bush?! Troubleshooting Common Rose Problems

Black Spot on Red Rose Leaves

There are a number of things that can go wrong when growing any plant, but roses in particular bring along some specific difficulties. Use this handy guide to learn how to prevent, identify and treat common rose problems, including diseases and pests, before they take hold of your garden.

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Planning the Perfect Vegetable Garden Layout

vegetable garden layout

Planning a vegetable garden can be tricky — there are just so many things to consider. With these tips & tricks, you'll enjoy a beautiful and productive edible garden this year.

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Ultimate Kitchen Garden Planner

Kitchen Garden

Kitchen gardens are rising in popularity as they pop up in backyards across the nation. Follow this handy kitchen garden planner to take control of your food supply & start one today.

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Which Types of Roses Are Right for Your Garden?

Pink Roses

If you're considering adding roses to your garden this year, take all factors into consideration. Space, maintenance, beauty & fragrance all come into play when choosing the best rose variety for your needs.

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A Primer on How to Plant Roses

Red Rose Bush

Growing roses isn't as difficult as it seems. Set yourself up for success by following these simple planting tips, and enjoy a gorgeous rose garden this year.

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