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Marjorie is a professional designer and digitizer of electronic designs for quilting and machine embroidery. She developed a passion for sewing, knitting and creating fiber arts as a young girl. With a love for technology, tools, and gadgets, she is passionate about expanding her repertoire of new techniques in machine embroidery and quilting as well as the mastery of as many modern tools for fiber arts as possible The only thing she enjoys more is sharing what she has learned with others.

Quick Stitch: Redwork Embroidery Designs

full_9156_150006_RedworkBow_1 Redwork and other quick decorative stitches are perfect when you need a beautiful embroidery design, and you need it quick. Read on to learn about redwork and other quick stitches that'll really help to jazz up your embroidery! Read more »

Stuck Like Glue: What’s the Best Machine Embroidery Appliqué Technique

Retro Apron using Machine Embroidery Applique on Craftsy

With all the techniques for machine embroidery appliqué, it can be difficult to choose the best option. But using a fusible or even glue can be a great option that makes your stitching a little easier. If you're unsure about using a fusible or glue, learn more about how to use these techniques properly here!

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3 Appliqué Embroidery Methods You Need to Try

Embroidered Pillow with Raw Edge Applique

Machine embroidery appliqué is one of the most popular ways that machine embroidery is used. There are several appliqué embroidery designs and methods that are really fun to try. Let's take a look at some of them!

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Share the Love With Valentine’s Embroidery Designs

Zippered Pouches Shaped Like Lips

How many different ways can you stitch a valentine for your love? Whether your creations are made by machine or by hand, you will find a Craftsy pattern or project that will be the perfect expression of your love.

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Creative Ways of Piecing Quilt Blocks In the Hoop

Piecing Quilt Blocks In The Hoop

Piecing quilts with machine embroidery is a wonderful way to achieve precision-pieced quilt blocks as well as quilt blocks with beautiful decorative elements. These beautiful design examples and informative tips will inspire you to embroider your own quilt blocks.

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Quilting in the Hoop 3 Ways

Machine Embroidered Quilt

Quilting with an embroidery machine can be a lot of fun. Three popular ways to use your embroidery machine to quilt in the hoop are to create quilts block by block, in long strips, or whole. Your quilts can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want. And when the blocks are joined, the quilting is finished. All you have to do is add the binding. Let's take a closer look at these different methods for quilting in the hoop.

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Secrets for Selecting Machine Embroidery Designs for Quilts

Quilted Pillow with Machine Embroidery

Creating machine embroidery that will be quilted is a fun and challenging endeavor. No matter the size of the project, planning is the strategic factor to success. Here's a look at the three main types of machine embroidery designs that are used for quilts, and some tips for using them in your projects.

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Machine Embroidery Appliqué Ideas: Cookies and Patches

Machine Embroidered Gingerbread Men

This season, use machine embroidery appliqué to turn ready-made items into handmade holiday gifts and decor with these fun machine embroidery appliqué ideas. Here are some fun machine embroidery appliqué ideas for holiday gifts and decor!

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Stabilizers for Machine Embroidery: Getting It Right

Stabilizer Comparison

One of the most important aspects about machine embroidery is something that is seemingly invisible to everyone except the person who does the stitching: the stabilizer. Using the correct stabilizer makes the difference between a beautiful piece of work and something that looks poorly made.

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