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Lisa is the blogger behind craft blog Goodknits. She resides in Houston where her two young sons drive her passion for DIY. A double threat in knitting and crochet, she can often be found with yarn and various hooks & needles in her purse. After all, a skein of yarn is a great cushion for her beloved camera.

All You Need Is Love…And Yarn! 6 Knitting Patterns You’ll Heart

Heart Knitting

With the thrill of the New Year wearing off and the cold of winter settling in, we are entering the season of love. Come check out six heart-inspired knitting patterns sure to put you in the Valentine's Day mood! From a trendy sweater to an adorable hat and more, knit them for the ones you love or for yourself.

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What Is Continental Knitting?

continental style knitting

Did you know there was more than one way to knit? Explore continental knitting! It is the best method for crocheters looking to learn to knit.

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Explore the Different Types of Lace Knitting Stitches

Horseshoe Lace Knitting Stitch

Knit lace -- is there anything more beautiful?! The delicate placement of yarn overs and decreases determines the look and feel of the final fabric. The number of lace stitches you can knit is only limited by your imagination...and perhaps the amount of time you have to just sit and knit.

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Beginner Lace Knitting: Tips for Getting Started

Knit Lace Scarf on Dress Form

So you want to knit lace? Best decision! Knit lace is a fabric beyond compare. Even the most simple stitch patterns look intricate and impress many. There isn't much you need to know before diving in, but I want to give you a few beginner lace knitting tips to help get you started.

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How to Knit Eyelets: Designing & Creating

Knit Eyelet BeretEyelets are the first step to learning how to knit and design lace accessories. These tips will help you design a simple lace stitch pattern to use as the foundation for a new project or to add to an existing pattern that's just missing a touch of elegance. Read more »

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My! 6 Animal Hat Knitting Patterns

Winter is coming! Little (and big) heads are going to need some cover. I have already blogged about some alternatives to beanies, now I want to share some more Craftsy inspiration for hats-other-than-beanies, with a focus on the amazingly cute animal hat patterns!

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