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Linda Reynolds learned to sew as a young girl and has been sewing ever since. Trained as a professional seamstress, she loves sharing her passion for the craft as a sewing instructor teaching garment sewing to teens and adults. Her blog, Simply Sewing Studio ( offers helpful tips and easy solutions to everyday sewing dilemmas.

4 Key Fitting Opportunities Before the First Pattern Piece Is Cut

Measuring for the perfect fit on the Craftsy Sewing Blog!

The steps you take well before the first pattern piece is cut are among the most critical to getting the right fit. There are four key fitting opportunities that every garment sewer must perform to ensure the right size is cut and the most important pattern adjustments are made before layout and cutting begins. Read on to learn the pre-sewing essentials for finding your perfect fit.

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Creative Trim Ideas: How to Sew Twist and Turn Trim

Adding trim to a top

Sewing is a great way to express ones creativity and individuality, so I am always on the lookout for unique and innovative ways to jazz up a dress, top or other garment. Learn how to create your own trim using the "twist and turn trim technique" to give your project a look that is all your own. Read on!

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Sewing With Sheer Fabrics: 3 Must-Know Methods

Sewing sheer fabric — Tips on the Craftsy Blog!

When it comes to sewing with sheer or very lightweight fabrics, it's best to pack your patience. These often unruly fabrics seem to have a mind of their own and can be both difficult to handle and a challenge to sew. Knowing how to gain control over them and employing a few simple sewing techniques can help you keep your sanity in tact.

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Make It Your Own: Converting Darts to Gathers

Gathered dress top converted from darts! How-to on the Craftsy Blog!

Want to ramp up the design of a simple top or dress? Adding soft gathers to the neckline or shoulder is an easy and effective option. Learn how to convert darts to gathers, and with just a few modifications to a basic bodice, you can personalize a look that’s all your own!

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Find Your Fit: How to Make a Full Bust Adjustment

Sew the Perfect Fit: How to Make a Full Bust Adjustment on Craftsy!

Certainly not all women have a B-sized bustline, which means most commercial patterns must be adjusted before any fabric is cut. Learning how to make this adjustment can make all the difference in constructing garments that not only mimic ready-to-wear, but in fact surpass these boutique pieces. Why? Because your handmade garment will fit you perfectly. Ready to start find your perfect fit? Learn how tin this step-by-step tutorial!

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