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Laura Fry is a well known weaver, teacher and author. She has written articles for magazines and self-published several titles. She enjoys all aspects of weaving and sharing her love of creating textiles with others.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Master Weaver?


In any craft, but particularly in weaving, mastery doesn't mean never making mistakes. It's a combination of many things let you achieve he results you desire more often than not — and it's not as difficult as you might expect.

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Lovely Linen: 7 Tips for Weaving With Linen

Cotten + Linen Tea Towel: Linen Weaving Tips on Craftsy!

People are sometimes leery to work with linen — its stiff, inelasticity does take a little more care to use. However, you'd really be missing out if you let this scare you away from weaving with linen!

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Everything You Need to Know About Working With Linen Fiber

Showing a variety of linen cloths

Linen fiber has been used for thousands of years for garments, household textiles, sails, rope and other purposes. Join us for an in-depth exploration linen, including its unique characteristics, how it's harvested, and how to use it for weaving.

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Everything You Need to Know About Cotton Fiber

Tea towel woven with a tiny butterfly pattern

Knowledge about the inherent characteristics of the fiber you're working with and how that fiber is prepared for and spun will assist us in designing cloth suitable for our intended purpose. With that in mind, let's take a closer look at cotton.

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The Fulling Story: All About Fulling Wool

Two scarves showing the appearance before (left) and after (right) wet finishing and fulling.

Wool has a magical property that can take individual threads, sometimes woven very loosely, and once in the water transform them into a thick cloth with great insulation properties. Develop an understanding of the process with this primer on fulling wool.

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Magic in the Water: Wet Finishing in Weaving

The wonderful drape that developed in this cloth after wet finishing Weaving cloth is a complex process with many different steps. Perhaps the least understood is the final process, which transforms the threads into whole cloth. This happens the very first time they hit the water after weaving. The change may be extreme or subtle, but it will be changed. Read more »