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Kristen is a self-taught embroiderer with over 10 years of stitching experience. Her passion for bright and colorful stitches comes from the hand-embroidered Mexican blouses she encountered on a trip to Mexico City many years ago. She returned to her home in Southern Arizona and took up embroidery, learning stitching techniques from books found at flea markets and vintage stores. Today, Kristen often combines the sewing skills she learned from her grandmother and stitching work, creating new and different places to infuse embroidery into every area of her world.

All About the Versatile Chain Stitch

Embroidery Chain Stitch

The chain stitch is a fun & versatile embroidery stitch that can be used for outlining, adding a border, or filling hand embroidery designs. Learn how to do it here!

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Essential Supplies: Choosing the Right Hand Embroidery Hoop

embroidery hoop sizes

Hoops are a necessary tool for hand embroidery, so choosing the right hoop for your intended work is important for both personal comfort as you embroider as well as the quality of your finished stitches. Here are a few tips and recommendations to help you choose the right hoop for your next embroidery project.

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Pretty Embroidery Designs You’re Going to Love

Sewing Room pattern by KimberlyOuimet

Hand embroidery patterns have gotten so popular, you can now pick a pattern and print it out with very little effort. The question is: Where do you go for these patterns? Don't spend hours searching, we've listed some great resources here!

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5 Need-to-Know Embroidery Fill Stitches

fill stitches

Spice up your hand embroidery projects with fill stitches that will make your work pop! From seed to satin stitches, these examples will inspire you to try something new in your next piece or rediscover an old favorite look.

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