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Kris Galicia Brown is the author of Pop Art: Decorating and Shaping Custom Cake Pops, a cake pop instructional cookbook. She is an accomplished designer and custom cake pop maker. Kris’ originality, eye for detail and addiction to precision sets her apart from other cake pop makers and has landed her on top of a global audience. She has a ginormous love for sweets and a passion for great design execution. Kris is a graduate from the Art Institute of California San Diego with a degree in Advertising. She lives in San Diego, California with her husband and two daughters.

Thriving in the Dessert: Cactus Cake Pops

Cactus Cake Pops

Is it desert or dessert? These cactus cake pops have the looks, but aren’t like cacti at all. They won’t prick you, they’re 100% safe around party balloons & even the idlest of hands. They’re also sweet, delicious & really fun to make!

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The Newest Trend in Cake Pops — Revealed!

Peek a Boo Cake Pops

These peek-a-boo cake pops are the start of a new trend! Upside-down cake pops with decorative bottoms are a subtle way to make a bold statement. Weddings, showers and gender reveals are only a few ideas for these unique and simple treats!

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Go Bananas for This Turon Tutorial!

Turon (Banana Lumpia)

Want to try something new? We have a recipe for you! Turon is a popular Filipino snack made with bananas and jackfruit, wrapped in spring roll wrapper and fried. Once you make this version, you'll be searching for variations!

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Made from Scratch: Homemade Snickers Bars

Homemade Snickers Bars

Making snickers candy bars from scratch will be so much more scrumptious and mouthwatering than its store-bought cousin. Once you have a taste, you’ll never look at store-bought candy bars the same way ever again!

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Learn How to Dip Cake Balls for Stunning Cake Truffles

How to make cake balls

Have you ever wondered how the pros make beautiful cake balls, coated with perfection? Cake balls, also known as cake truffles, are very easy to create and decorate. We'll teach you how to dip cake balls beautifully and prove that it's not as elusive a process as it seems!

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Make These Out of This World Rocket Ship Cake Pops

Rocket Ship Cake Pops

It doesn't take rocket science or an understating of space to engineer and build these rocket ships! Blast off with this fun rocket ship cake pop tutorial. Let these rocket ship cake pops take you and your guests to outer space and beyond!

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