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Kelsey is a freelance writer, recipe developer, and consultant. She loves high-altitude hiking, deep-sea fishing, vino verde, and people who don't take themselves too seriously. She lives in the Colorado Rockies with her husband‎, Shaun.

Chill Out With a Berry Yogurt Popsicle Recipe

Recipe for Homemade Berry Popsicles on the Craftsy Blog!

Ice pop, paleta, ice lolly, icy pole, or popsicle – whatever you call them, frozen treats on a stick are having their moment. Celebrate fresh summer ingredients and make these healthy berry yogurt popsicles at home!

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Freshly Baked Recipe: Cherry + Chocolate Galette

Freshly Baked Cherry + Chocolate Galette on the Craftsy Blog!

Is there anything better than farm stand cherries this time of year? Perhaps farm stand cherries transformed into an elegant chocolate dessert? Celebrate the season with this rich and rustic cherry chocolate galette recipe.

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A Fresh & Healthy Recipe for Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls-3

With cold winter days behind us, there's nothing like a fresh Vietnamese spring roll to help cool off on a hot summer day. The best part about making these spring rolls is that it's an experience you can share with others. Explore Vietnamese cuisine with this fresh, simple & delicious spring roll recipe.

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Seasonal Desserts: A Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble Recipe for Spring

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Rhubarb! Strawberries! Two of spring’s friendliest tidings. Pairing them in pie, over oatmeal or in a cocktail is a great way to celebrate the season. But for me, a simple strawberry-rhubarb crumble recipe takes first prize. Check out this recipe for the ultimate seasonal dessert. Read more »

Sea Salt: Oven Baked Fish in a Salt Crust

Salt Fish-22 When I can get my hands on fresh, whole fish, there is really only one cooking technique I’m interested in employing: salt-baked fish. Oven baked fish in a salt crust keeps the meat invariably moist and flavorful, unlike traditional oven baking methods. It's so good, I wouldn't feel right sharing any other recipe for oven baked fish with you because this one is simply the best! Read more »