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My Mom was the first to get me started making jewelry as a little girl and instantly I was hooked. Who would have thought that keeping my little hands busy would turn into a lifelong passion? With a background in fashion and industrial design, the world of jewelry always called to me. Taking the time to seek all the knowledge and technique I could find. I still believe that there's always more to learn or a new way of doing things. The way jewelry creates memories, helps to commemorate special life events and can live forever will always fascinate me. I currently live and work in Denver but wander the globe for inspiration and unique supplies. Currently, I am especially in love with the custom side of my business where I get to help people celebrate, honor, and create pieces that fit them, their loved ones, and their lives.

Make a Horse Hair Tassel for Earrings or Necklaces


Horse hair can be a great material if you're looking to add a little extra texture and interest to your jewelry. Not only is it unique, it has a variety of great uses. It's lightweight, comes in a variety of colors and is relatively inexpensive.

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Create a Custom Wirework Heartbeat Necklace

Step Seven

Make someone you love's heart beat a little faster with this special necklace design. Practice your design, planning and wirework skills all in one piece that everyone is sure to admire!

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How to Make a Braided Leather Bracelet


Old belts or leather scraps can find new life as a stylish bracelet. This simple tutorial will teach you to braid beautiful bracelets to gift or model yourself!

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