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Karly Campbell is the blogger and photographer behind the popular blog Buns In My Oven. Her fans have dubbed her the Chocolate Peanut Butter Queen, but she loves experimenting with new flavors and recipe ideas. Karly resides in central Illinois. She's a homeschooling mother of two, a senior portrait and newborn photographer, and a food lover. You can also find her on Facebook and Pinterest.

Beyond the Wings: 4 Delicious Buffalo Chicken Ideas

Buffalo chicken sandwiches recipe

Buffalo wings sound like a good idea — until you remember all the prep and mess that comes with deep frying them at home. Instead, try these delicious buffalo chicken recipes that are full of that spicy flavor you love, without all of the work!

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Delicious Roast Chicken on a Weeknight? You Bet!

oven roasted chicken 2

Can we let you in on a little secret? It IS possible to cook delicious roast chicken on a weeknight. This recipe for oven-roasted chicken breasts comes together in just 40 minutes with minimal prep and clean-up.

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3 Easy Root Vegetable Recipes Your Family Will Crave

Maple Glazed Carrot Recipe

There are many methods for cooking root vegetables, but the three outlined here are our very favorites. From carrots to turnips to potatoes, the humble root vegetable makes a perfectly comforting side dish on cool nights.

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What Are Quick Breads?

Chocolate Quick Bread

When I first became interested in cooking and baking, I heard the term "quick breads" thrown around a lot. What in the world is a quick bread, I would wonder to myself. Well, guys. It's pretty much exactly what the name implies-- it's a bread that you can bake immediately! Here are some tips for making them.

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Savory Saturday: How to Make Alfredo Sauce at Home

Pasta with Homemade Alfredo SauceAlfredo doesn't have to be a restaurant-only meal! I've found that it's actually one of the quickest and easiest sauces to make at home and it always satisfies. Here's a simple recipe to make at home and some creative variations. Read more »