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This post is written by quilting blogger Karen Walker of Laugh Yourself Into Stitches. Karen has been a quilter for the past 15+ years. She enjoys making quilts, has a longarm quilting business, and recently became one of Craftsy’s indie pattern designers. See her Craftsy pattern store here:

Explore 3 Ways to Add Appliqué to Your Quilts

fun bunny applique

It's no secret that appliqués can open up a whole new world of quilt design possibilities. But did you know that there's more than one way to create appliqués? Discover three different methods and find out how to decide the best option for your project.

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Make It Sparkle! 5 Tips For How to Achieve Contrast in Your Quilts

Contrasting blue and green quilt

How do you produce that “sparkle” in your quilting projects that makes them stand out? Contrast! Using contrast can help add that extra touch to take your quilt from good to great! Here are 5 great tips on how to use fabric selection to add contrast to your next project for a quilt that really shines!

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