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This post is written by quilting blogger Karen Walker of Laugh Yourself Into Stitches. Karen has been a quilter for the past 15+ years. She enjoys making quilts, has a longarm quilting business, and recently became one of Craftsy’s indie pattern designers. See her Craftsy pattern store here:

Make It Sparkle! 5 Tips For How to Achieve Contrast in Your Quilts

Contrasting blue and green quilt

How do you produce that “sparkle” in your quilting projects that makes them stand out? Contrast! Using contrast can help add that extra touch to take your quilt from good to great! Here are 5 great tips on how to use fabric selection to add contrast to your next project for a quilt that really shines!

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Longarm Quilting: Helpful Tips for Choosing & Creating A Quilt Design

Woman wrapped in a colorful quilt Picking the design you want when creating a quilt is not always simple. In this longarm series, we’ve learned how to prepare a quilt for longarm quilting and a glimpse behind the scene at how a quilt is loaded onto a longarm. Today, I’m going to simplify the process of both choosing and creating a quilt design perfect for your quilt top. Read more »

How to Load a Quilt on a Longarm Machine

How to Load a Quilt on a Longarm Machine Ever been curious what happens to a quilt after you send if to a longarm quilter? Well now you can find out! Longarm quilter Karen Walker gives you an exclusive behind the scenes look at what happens when you send your quilt away right here on Craftsy! Read more »

Perfect Package: How to Prepare a Quilt for Longarm Quilting

Lattice Stars - Longarm Quilting Techniques on Craftsy Sending your quilt for finishing to a longarm quilter can help give your quilt a beautiful, polished look. However, there are a few special things to consider before sending in your quilt. Here are some quick, simple notes everyone should know when preparing a quilt for longarm quilting. Read more »