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Jessie Oleson Moore is a writer, illustrator, and professional seeker of sweetness who runs Cakespy (, an award-winning dessert website. Her first book, CakeSpy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life came out in October 2011; her second book, The Secret Lives of Baked Goods, will be released in May.

Stay Inspired: How to Do a Drawing a Day

Drawing a day

Looking for an interesting way to expand your drawing skills and develop a personal style? Try making a drawing a day. Explore different artistic techniques in a simple daily routine which won't take more than a few minutes each day.

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Best Typeface Forward: How to Choose Typefaces to Match Your Drawings

Testing out type to pair with an illustration on the Craftsy Blog!

There are a myriad of reasons why you would want to pair your artwork with type, whether it's for a picture book illustration or a greeting card message. No matter what the reason, finding typefaces that match your artwork will serve you well as an artist. Here's how to choose the right one.

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More Cheese, Please! How to Make a Stuffed Crust Pizza

Stuffed crust pizza

Unfortunately, the brilliant concept of stuffed crust pizza seems to be primarily carried out by commercial pizza giants who employ lesser quality ingredients and ultimately churn out a sub-par slice. But, when you learn how to make an artisan pizza with a stuffed crust, it a thing of beauty indeed!

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Escape on a Baked Tropical Getaway: How To Make Congo Bars

Stack of congo bars Whether you keep them simple or gussy them up, Congo bar cookies are keepers. If you like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and blondies (and who doesn't?), you'll love these bars: They share aspects of all of these treats while maintaining their own distinct identity. Read more »

Baking Lighter & Leaner: 14 Healthy Swaps for Baking

Avocado buttercream + More healthy baking swaps on Craftsy!

Eating healthier doesn't have to mean sacrificing the foods you love. This guide to healthy baking swaps, like using applesauce in place of butter, will help prove that you have your cake and eat healthier, too.

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