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Jeff is a nature, landscape and wildlife photographer based in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. He specializes in creating compelling images of the natural world, captured in dramatic weather and light. Whether it's the first kiss of sunlight to hit the rugged granite of the seacoast, or atop a frigid, windswept mountain summit bathed in the pink warmth of alpenglow, through my images he wishes to share these fleeting, often magical moments. Primarily focusing on the "Granite State" of New Hampshire that he calls home, (with occasional forays into the surrounding New England states) if you explore his galleries, you'll find unique and compelling images that artistically showcase the region's scenic beauty.

Top 4 Flash Photography Tips for Professional Portraits


What's the best way to take beautiful, bright portraits — without spending an arm and a leg on lighting equipment? These tips tell you how to make the most of what you already have and which pieces of equipment really are essential.

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How to Remove Wrinkles in Photoshop (Without Over-Editing)

Portrait with wrinkles and blemishes removed.

While you don't want to over-process portraits to the point that they look unnatural, many clients appreciate a little bit of retouching to make them look their best. Learn how to minimize wrinkles and blemishes, plus a secret trick for making sure your subjects don't look over-edited.

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How to Take Panorama Photos Like an Expert

Panoramic photo of the Pemigewasset Wilderness in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

What's the key to taking stunning, sweeping landscape photos? You need to know how to turn several side-by-side photos into one panorama. It's not hard, but with a few tricks, you can make photos that are perfectly aligned, properly exposed and totally awe-inspiring.

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How to Use Focus Stacking for Maximum Depth of Field

The rock jetty at Hampton Beach State Park in sharp focus from foreground to background.

How do landscape photographers achieve such extreme depth of field without losing focus? They've got a trick up their sleeve: focus stacking. With just a few extra shots and a couple of clicks in Photoshop, you can achieve the same look.

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Why You (Yes, You!) Should Start Using Manual Mode

Mode dial set to manual on a Canon DSLR camera.

M is for Manual — you know, that mythical position on your camera mode dial that you've been too intimidated to even try. We're here to tell you that manual mode is not nearly as scary as you thought. In fact, there are four BIG reasons you should experiment with this mode today.

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The BEST Tips for Taking Better Landscape Photos This Winter

Fresh snow in the forest, disturbed only by a few animal tracks.

There's nothing like taking photos of a snow-capped mountain at sunset, a frozen waterfall or a forest covered in a fresh blanket of white — and nothing quite as challenging! Before you head out into a winter wonderland with your camera in hand, read these tips for the best pictures possible. You'll learn how to correctly expose snowy scenes, how to protect your gear from frigid temperatures and much more.

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12 Great Photography Gifts for Any Budget

Bakers beach VEO tripod sunset san francisco

Photographers just might be the toughest people on your gift list! We've rounded up our best gift ideas for photographers, from gear and accessories to education, that will fit any budget.

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