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Glenna has been knitting for almost a decade, and blogging and designing knitwear patterns for almost as long. She enjoys working with cables, color-work, and adventurous project that keep her brain interested and her knitting needles active. Her yarn stash is well stocked for any knitting emergency, and she believes in knitting fearlessly and often.

Shoulder Shaping: Short Row Options

Shoulder Shaping Short Row OptionsIn the wide world of knitting we live in, it is easy to find a variety of sweater styles which rely on different kinds of construction: Seamed, seamless, top-down, bottom-up, drop-shoulder, raglan shoulder, set-in shoulder, and the list goes on. Consider trying short-row shoulder shaping on your next sweater project that calls for sloped shoulders, or practice it on swatches just as we’ve done here. It might just transform your sweater finishing altogether! Read more »

Exploring Colors for Your Knitting

Knitting Color TheoryOne of the fabulous things about knitting is getting to play with colors of all kinds. Unlike shopping for hats or sweaters in a store and being limited to only the half dozen or so colors on the rack, our only limitation as knitters is having to make a choice among the many hundreds of possibilities! Here are some tips for selecting perfect colors for your project. Read more »

Lovely Lace Design

Lace DesignsEvery knitter comes to find they have a favorite technique, and lace is often one that has special appeal. Explore the variety of lace knitting designs, involving different kinds of yarns and patterns, in many styles and shapes! Read more »

Wrap and Turn In Tutorial, Enjoy!

Wrap and Turn in TutorialAs you progress in your knitting you'll surely encounter short rows and the wrap and turn. Enjoy these step by step instructions for a wrap and turn which will come in handy for knitting socks, sweaters, and more! Read more »

Colorful Adventures with Stranded Knitting

Stranded Knitting: HatStranded knitting produces incredibly eye-catching garments, and knitting with two or more colors also tends to make these items quite a bit warmer than single-color items. What’s not to love about knitting projects that are both beautiful and practical at the same time? Read more »