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Emily Vanek is the owner and editor-in-chief of She and her husband live with their three sons near Denver. Her youngest child is on the Autism Spectrum, so she is passionate about connecting with parents with special needs. In her spare time, she knits, crochets and shops for yarn. She is also a master tortoise wrangler and expert in getting water out of various electronics (don’t ask).

8 Knitting Cast-On Methods to Start Your Next Project

5 Different Ways to Cast On: Craftsy Blog

There are many ways to cast on depending on what you are knitting, personal preference, and the look you want to create. From the long-tail cast-on to the loop cast-on, here we cover eight great ways to begin your next knitting project.

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Knitting Backwards (& Avoiding Purling!)

Knitting BackwardsKnitting backwards is a technique that has been around for ages. It is just as it seems. Instead of turning the work to purl the next row, you can simply knit that row backwards and it produces the same results. Still not convinced? Here are a few ways that knitting backwards can come in handy. Read more »

Five Patterns for Using the Wrap and Turn Technique

Wrap and Turn TechniqueCraftsy already has a wonderful tutorial on how to master the exciting wrap and turn technique. Now I’m going to show you five patterns and projects that will have you grabbing your knitting needles and diving in! Read more »

Our Best Knit Baby Shoes for Your Bundle of Joy

Keelan Chunky Strap Baby Shoes

Nothing is cuter than a sleeping new baby in hand knit shoes. Baby shoes make adorable keepsakes and have even more sentimental meaning when knit by a friend or a family member. Explore these five baby bootie projects and their accompanying patterns, all created by Craftsy community members.

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Mad About Knit Mittens

Knit MittensMittens for cold weather are hot right now. Mixing nostalgia into modern patterns, these are the perfect in-between knitting project when you want something a bit easier and faster than a blanket or shawl. Here we show you six beautiful patterns for mittens you can find right here on Craftsy! Read more »

Crazy for Knitted Cable Patterns

knit cable pattern

Cable stitches are fun and can make your knitting look super intricate and complex, even if you use a basic cable. Explore knitting patterns that incorporate cables to see the versatility of this impressive stitch.

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Luscious Loom Knitting

Loom KnittingAs if knitting on needles wasn’t enough, the latest craze to hit the yarn world is loom knitting! Learn the craft of the loom. Read more »

Bringing Log Cabin Beyond Quilts

Log Cabin KnittingWhen you think of Log Cabin in crafting it probably brings to mind quilting: that classic square made up of smaller rectangles in light and dark fabrics. Well now you can have that same look, but by knitting! Come explore the Log Cabin knitting technique; a fun and simple way to incorporate a patchwork like pattern into any project. Read more »