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Diane Knott loves all aspects of quilting and sharing her love of quilting through teaching classes, workshops and her website. When not attempting to keep up with her three busy kids, she can be found stitching or designing. Her quilts have been featured in several national quilting magazines and books. To see what Diane in currently doing, visit her website.

A Quilter’s Challenge: What to Learn in the New Year

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Why not celebrate the beginning of a New Year with a personal challenge or two? These are not resolutions, these are opportunities. No guilt, no failure, no stress! A challenge is a choice to explore, discover or learn a new skill.

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Sew Very Vintage: Machine-Themed Quilt Patterns


Not only do many quilters own a vintage sewing machine, but they use them and incorporate them into their quilting and sewing patterns. Check out these oldies but goodies taking on a second life!

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To Border or Not to Border: Framing With Multiple Quilt Borders

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To add borders or not add borders, that is the question! So many times I've heard quilters express a desire to make their quilt larger and someone always suggests, ''Slap a border on that and call it done!'' We all know it's not that simple. Here are some ideas to consider next time you are making multiple border decisions while quilting.

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It’s a Hoot! Owl Quilt Patterns for Every Occasion


Owls are a popular addition to quilting projects. They are such cute little creatures that it only makes sense that they end up on everything from quilts to coasters, clothing to bags and any gift item imaginable. Craftsy has no shortage of owl quilt pattern ideas to inspire your next project!

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Spooky Stitching: 7 Halloween Paper Piecing Patterns


Halloween provides endless opportunities for quilters to sew up some spooky fun! These seven ghoulishly delightful patterns will have you creating everything from terrifying trick-or-treating bags to pumpkin-covered pillows!

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Hot Gift Idea: 5 Fun Quilted Hot Pad Patterns


Being a gourmet cook isn't a requirement for enjoying a hot pad. We all need to eat at some point, so clearly hot pads are the perfect gift for anyone! Customizing a hot pad in the colors, theme or style of someone's kitchen or hobbies is super simple with these ideas.

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Nine Patches & Nine Ways: Nine Patch Quilt Inspiration

Scrappy nine-patch quilt + more nine-patch designs on Craftsy!

Nine patches are a traditional quilt block made with nine simple squares. Three rows of three squares create quilt design that is versatile, traditional and trendy — all at the same time. Here are some easy instructions for this classic design right here, along with nine inspirational nine-patch designs!

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