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David is a picture book maker, cartoonist, animator and designer. Raised on a steady diet of Muppets, cartoons, comic strips and piles and piles of books to read — along with a lot of "time to go outside, David!" — he has spent his entire life preparing for this role. His previous online exploits include regular contributions to the now-retired Drawn! illustration blog. David always has a pocketful of granola bars to keep his ravenous children at bay, and a pencil at the ready to capture the aftermath. You can find his books at your favorite bookstore, or you can find him working on his next project in his Minnesota-based studio.

3 Easy Ways to Add Contrast to a Drawing

A red dot in a field of green dots is the focus of attention

How can you draw the viewer's eye to the right spot on your drawing? With contrast! You'll be surprised how easy creating contrast can be with simple coloring, shading and texturing.

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