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Christa Watson loves to teach and inspire others to make their own quilts from start to finish. Machine quilting is her favorite part of the process, and she tries to sneak in as much sewing time as she can while raising a family in Las Vegas, Nevada. Visit her Craftsy pattern store at

5 Tips for Making Quick Quilting Projects


Do you love quilting beautiful patterns but don't have the time to spend months and months on one project? Implement these five tricks for quick and easy quilting that you can finish in a relatively short period of time!

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What Are the Influences of Modern Art in Quilting?


Modern quilts are not art quilts. Although there are definitely artistic influences that can be found in today’s modern quilts, modern quilts have their own distinct style. Read more to find out how you, too can be influenced by art in your modern, contemporary or traditional quilts!

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Debating Modern vs. Traditional Quilting: Defining Modern

jacquie_1 Do you think there is a need to define traditional versus modern quilting? Or do you simply love to make what strikes your fancy? The recent surge in popularity of modern quilting has brought out the old debate about what constitutes art versus craft. Join the discussion and add your opinion as to what you think defines a modern quilt! Read more »