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Become a More Efficient Quilter With Chain Piecing

chain off the back of the sewing machine

Looking for ways to spend less time piecing, and more time enjoying your beautiful quilts? Want to piece a quilt top together on a deadline? Chain piecing is a technique that many quilters use to piece just as accurately — but much more quickly. Learn how to do it here.

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3 Ways to Master the Perfect Quarter-Inch Seam

pivot fabric with fingertips

In quilting, one of the most important techniques to master is the quarter-inch seam. It is also one of the hardest. Here are some tricks and tools that will help you master the perfect quarter-inch seam.

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Cut to the Chase! How to Die Cut Fabric

turn handle of die

Die cutting fabric allows you to cut your fabric to size perfectly. Rulers and rotary cutters can slip, and can be hard for even experienced quilters to line up perfectly. Because the blades of a die are stationary, they ensure that your cuts are exactly the right size every time! Here you'll see how easy it is to die cut fabric.

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Stitch Your Fill With These Modern Quilting Filler Designs

fill area with pebble quilting

There are many more quilting filler designs that will help you keep the modern design of your quilt. You can use a single fill across a quilt — but that adds little interest. We'll review filler designs that can differentiate areas of the quilt and make your modern design shine!

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