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Cally Booker is a handweaver in Dundee on the east coast of Scotland. She designs, weaves, teaches and writes in her studio on the top floor of a refurbished jute mill. Cally is passionate about color, greedy for yarn and an unapologetic data geek.

Huck: The Perfect Summer Weave

texture in finished scarf

Huck's light, lacy texture is perfect for summer scarves, and there are so many variations! Learn more about the 4-shaft huck, plus how you can mix and match the treadlings to create your own design.

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Getting Ready to Weave: Tips for Efficient Sleying

A perfectly sleyed reed

Even if you relish every step of preparing your loom for weaving, you would probably still love getting the job done more efficiently. Check out these tips for making the sleying process as simple, comfortable and organized as possible.

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