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Cally Booker is a handweaver in Dundee on the east coast of Scotland. She designs, weaves, teaches and writes in her studio on the top floor of a refurbished jute mill. Cally is passionate about color, greedy for yarn and an unapologetic data geek.

FREE Tutorial for Creating Stunning Shaded Twills

shaded twill 8 shafts

A shaded twill is a very simple way to add depth and interest to the simplest threading, and you can build upon the basics to weave all sorts of creative designs. Learn how to weave a shaded twill right here!

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3 Tricks for Winding a Striped Warp

warp stripes wool

With so many lovely colors out there, why not use several when winding a warp? Learn three ways to add stripes to your warp, the pick the best option for your project!

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Huck: The Perfect Summer Weave

texture in finished scarf

Huck's light, lacy texture is perfect for summer scarves, and there are so many variations! Learn more about the 4-shaft huck, plus how you can mix and match the treadlings to create your own design.

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