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Beth started sewing in third grade and discovered her lifelong fascination with patterns and fabric. She sews and blogs in beautiful Northern California where she makes far too many coats and jackets for the sunny climate. On her blog SunnyGal Studio Sewing she shares her projects with tips on construction and fitting. When not sewing she enjoys baking pies, studying Italian, planning her next trip to a tropical island, and trying to find space in her garden for more plants.

How to Adjust a Wrap Dress Neckline

V-neckline binding

Create a wrap dress with a flirty, feminine neckline that flatters without showing too much. Here are a few tips for adjusting the neckline on a wrap dress!

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How to Sew a Clean-Finished Shirt Yoke

clean finish yoke Do you know the "burrito method" for sewing shirts? Learn it here — it's the secret to making a shirt yoke facing that's completely enclosed at the shoulder seams, for blouse that looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside!

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