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Ashley is a writer and editor who left her job at Martha Stewart to freelance in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. She has her hands in all kinds of crafts, from knitting to crocheting and sewing. When she's not crafting, she's eating peanut butter, listening to Paul McCartney, and playing ukulele -- sometimes all three at the same time. You can see what Ashley is making on her blog, The Feisty Redhead.

Choose Knitted Necklines (and Collars!) for Your Next Sweater

Beautiful sweater patterns featuring pretty necklines + collars on the Craftsy Knitting Blog!

Knowing what types of knitted collars and necklines you prefer is key to knitting a sweater that you'll want to wear again and again. Before you choose your next sweater pattern, take a peek at these knitted necklines and collars to see which styles you love.

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Why Knit Socks When You Can Buy Them?

For My Man Socks

Why knit socks when you can buy them? Despite the tiny needles and countless hours of knitting, there are plenty of reasons that knit socks are better than store-bought ones.

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How to Teach Knitting to Friends โ€” and Keep Them as Friends

Teaching a friend to knit

Learning how to teach knitting is almost as complicated as learning to knit. And, when you're learning how to teach knitting to friends, it's even more complicated! Read these tips for how to teach knitting -- and how to save the friendship if the knitting goes wrong!

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Sparkly Snowflake Jewelry to Wear on Bleak Winter Days

Snowflake and Icicle Beadwoven Necklace

Winter usually means creating jewelry in darker colors that matches our winter clothes โ€” and our moods! Don't let those bleak winter days get you down. Bring on the sparkle with some of Craftsy's prettiest snowflake jewelry patterns.

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