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Ashley Martineau is the author of "Spinning and Dyeing Yarn," and has been spinning art yarn for 10 years - but never the same skein twice! Ashley currently lives near Boston and when she isn't blogging she dabbles in photography, graphic design, painting, knitting and pottery. Her YouTube channel of spinning and fiber art tutorials has had nearly a million views. She is self-taught and still has no idea what she'd major in if she went back to college. Her biggest dream is to live in a small cabin with a panoramic view of the Central Cascade mountains in her home state of Oregon.

Spinning Secrets: How to Spin Pet Fur Into Yarn

Spinning Pet Fur Into Yarn

Our pets are family, and one way to memorialize our love for them is to spin some of their fur into yarn. Check out these tips + resources for spinning precious pet fur into beautiful yarn!

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Create Stunning + Unique Projects: 4 Tips for Knitting With Handspun Yarn

Tips for working with handspun yarn on Craftsy!

Handspun art yarn is a fun, one of a kind, textured, thick and thin, crazy explosion of texture that knitters often find confusing. But, with a help, you can learn how to use this beautiful fiber to creative unique and stunning projects. Here are some key tips for knitting with beautiful art yarn. Read more »

Tips for Core Spinning Yarn

Core Spinning 101

The core you use determines the inner personality of the yarn you spin. You can use many unique types of cores: elastic thread for a stretchy yarn, craft wire for a sculptural yarn, cotton crochet thread for an unbreakable yarn, novelty yarns, and just plain ugly yarns. It's the perfect way to get rid of ugly yarns in your stash, because the core remains hidden under the fiber. Read on to discover more tips for core spinning yarn!

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Take Your Pick! 3 Methods for Spinning a Carded Batt

Art Batts

Every batt is one-of-a-kind, and the method you use to spin them will affect the look of your handspun yarn and completed knit or crochet project. In this post, we'll explore three different methods for spinning a carded batt.

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