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Antonella is a fashion designer and freelance illustrator, with a soft spot for art history. She spends her days juggling her three passions: drawing, sewing and drafting patterns, while sharing her creations on her blog Stardust Soul at

The Fashion Figure: Drawing Movement and Poses

Fashion Pose

Fashion illustration's body proportions are very different from the real body proportions, but it's easy to make your figure drawings depict natural movement. Feature your clothing designs on figures with realistic poses with these tips!

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Drawing Realistic Farm Animals: Pigs and Cows

Final cow drawing

Can't get enough of drawing animals? In the final installment of our series on how to draw realistic pets and farm animals, we demonstrate the step-by-step process of how to draw a pig and a cow in a realistic way.

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Make a Model: Drawing the Fashion Figure

drawing fashion figures

Drawing the stylized body used for fashion design is very important to communicate a design idea before bringing it to life. Learn the proportions and sketching techniques in this tutorial.

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Never Fear: Have Confidence in Painting a Drawing

Robin williams portrait illustration

No matter how much or how little experience you have with art, if you are like me, you'll find that from time to time you still get a little scared by the thought of adding paint to a drawing that has taken you hours to create. Gain confidence with these tips and techniques for painting a drawing!

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5 Tips for Drawing the Human Skeleton

Completed skeleton

Get back to basics with your figure drawing! These tips for drawing the human skeleton will help you to achieve accuracy and correct proportions when drawing bodies from life, photographs and even coming up with poses from your imagination.

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Art Apocalypse: How to Zombify Your Portraits

zombify pencil portrait

Halloween is just around the corner and costumes are everywhere. Why not have some fun taking the costume onto the page and creating a zombie portrait? Follow along as I show you different things you can do to your portraits to turn them into gory, big screen-worthy zombies.

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One Color is Enough: Painting With a Monochromatic Color Palette

Monochromatic studies

Colors are enticing and they bring a lot of life and interest to a painting, but a monochromatic color palette can be just as attractive. Removing the distracting variable of color from the equation allows us to focus on achieving a successful range of tone in our painting and reflect a mood within your artwork.

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