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Antonella is a fashion designer and freelance illustrator, with a soft spot for art history. She spends her days juggling her three passions: drawing, sewing and drafting patterns, while sharing her creations on her blog Stardust Soul at

How to Draw Jewlery Designs: Basic Concepts

Ornate jewelry

Whether or not you are a jewelry designer, being able to draw jewelry is a great way to express your creativity. Learn everything from shading gems and diamonds in pencil to how to paint pieces in vibrant colors with this new series from Craftsy.

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The Essence of Emotion: How to Draw Facial Expressions


Showing emotions through portraits and illustrations is one of the most important goals of an artist. Capturing the essence of a person and what they are feeling in that moment is a very powerful and wonderful skill to have. These pointers and tips will help you draw facial expressions.

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