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Angela Mitchell shares her home with her husband and children, and together they run a small hobby farm. Once an elementary school teacher, she currently spends her days at home with her three kids. Angela is a self taught crafter who has been sewing and playing with yarn for most of her life. She has been a contributing author for several sewing books and is more than happy to share her quilting knowledge here on the lovely Craftsy blog.

Add Curves to Your Quilts With Orange Peels

Orange Peel Quilt Pattern

Some quilts are truly unforgettable. This is due to a variety of factors. Beautiful colors, stunning prints, detailed quilting and intricate design are a few things that might catch one's eye. The Orange Peel quilt is one of those designs that cannot be forgotten.

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Taking a Look at Cathedral Window Quilts

Cathedral Window Pillow Cover

For as long as they’ve been around, people have been continually inspired by church buildings. No matter what type of religion, these buildings have moved people to create. An example of this in the form of quilting is the Cathedral Window quilt. This is a stunning, traditional quilt pattern that is truly unique.

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Tips for Choosing a Sewing Machine for Beginner Quilters

Janome Sewing Machine

Quilters tend to be very passionate about their sewing machines. Most have either a love or a hate relationship with their machine, and they are very adamant about it! Finding the right machine is crucial for every quilter at every level. Rather than recommending a specific brand, which is a very personal and subjective topic, let’s look instead at how to choose a sewing machine for a quilter that is just getting started.

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Let Them Shine! How to Display Your Scrap Fabrics Creatively

Scrap Fabrics Displayed in Jars in Sewing Studio

No matter what type of sewist you are, scraps are inevitable. Whether you enjoy sewing quilts, garments or bags, bits of fabric are always leftover. What do you do with those? Some like to donate their scraps, while others throw them away. Many tuck them away in boxes and totes before storing them out of sight. There is one problem with that -- out of sight, out of mind! If those precious fabric scraps are hidden away, they are less likely to be sewn with.

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7 Patterns for Quilted Accessories

Quilted Coin Purse

Are you a quilter? Who says that those skills have to be limited to quilts? All types of accessories can benefit from a bit of pretty fabric and a touch of quilting. Here are 7 quilted accessory patterns for your stitching pleasure! Have fun sewing any (or all) of these projects for yourself and your loved ones. Each will make a truly memorable handmade gift.

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Let It Snow! 6 Snowman Quilt Patterns and Projects

Snowman Quilt Pattern

Do you like to decorate your home for the holiday season? Many like to fill their homes with red and green. Others enjoy specific themes when it comes to decor, and snowman are one of those themes that continue to be present in many homes. The charming figure shows up in all forms of decor, so why not add it to our quilts?

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Handmade Gifts to Stitch Up for Fellow Quilters and Sewists

Patchwork Accessory Case

The giving of handmade gifts can be a whole lot of fun. What do you make for the fellow quilters and sewists in your life? Handmade gifts, of course! Sure quilters and sewists can make their own projects, but they too appreciate having something handmade especially for them. Here are 7 handmade projects and patterns that will make perfect gifts for the quilters and sewists that you know.

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O Christmas Tree! 7 Cheery Tree Quilt Designs

Christmas Mug Rug Pattern

In the words of the popular carol, how lovely are the branches of the Christmas tree? This symbol for the holiday is beloved by many. Quilters can embrace the evergreen in their crafts, too! Decorate your home with quilted goods full of trees. Here are 7 Christmas tree quilt designs of all shapes and sizes available right here in the Craftsy pattern shop. Choose your favorite design, pull out your red and green fabrics, and get sewing!

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