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Angela Mitchell shares her home with her husband and children, and together they run a small hobby farm. Once an elementary school teacher, she currently spends her days at home with her three kids. Angela is a self taught crafter who has been sewing and playing with yarn for most of her life. She has been a contributing author for several sewing books and is more than happy to share her quilting knowledge here on the lovely Craftsy blog.

Making a Rag Quilt: A Quick Step-by-Step Tutorial

Rag Quilt

Are you looking for a charming, cozy quilt this winter? You should make a rag quilt! No, they aren’t truly made of rags. This quilt earns its name because rather than sandwiching the seams inside the quilt like usual, they are sewn in a manner that exposes them on the outside of the quilt. The exposed fabric seam allowances are snipped to promote fraying, and the finished result is a soft quilt with raggedy edges!

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Novices Take Note! How to Choose Fabric for a Quilt

Stack of Quilting Fabrics

Are you ready to sew your first quilt? Congratulations, that is wonderful news! Not only are quilts treasured goods, they are so much fun to make. Every step of the way can be embraced and enjoyed. That begins with choosing fabric.

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Make Waves With Bargello Quilting

Have you heard of a bargello quilt? It is a stunning work of art that is full of motion. Waves, curves and other shapes move gracefully across the quilt top. These quilts look incredibly difficult, but surprisingly, they are quite easy to make.

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7 Traditional Quilt Patterns for Classic Quilters

Metal of Honor quilt

Nothing compares to a classic, traditional quilt. These works truly are timeless pieces of art. When sewn with precision piecing and high-quality fabrics, traditional quilts can become heirlooms that will be forever treasured. Explore seven beautiful patterns and start your next project today!

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow: 7 Rainbow Quilt Patterns to Sew

Rainbow Quilt Pattern

Nature provides constant inspiration to art, quilting included. Rainbows are the perfect example of this! Those beloved shades of ROYGBIV grace all forms of art, don’t they? Quilts full of rainbow colors can be truly stunning masterpieces. Here are 7 beautiful rainbow quilt patterns that will likely inspire you to sew a colorful rainbow quilt of your own.

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What Is a Rag Quilt?

Pink Rag Quilt

Nothing beats a soft, cozy quilt! If you are looking for the ultimate in comfort, you must make a rag quilt. Despite its name, this type of quilt isn’t really made out of rags. It gets its name because instead of sandwiching the seams inside the quilt, they are sewn in a way that leaves them exposed on the outside.

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