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Andrea is a yarn crazy knitter and knitwear designer who spends more time knitting than cleaning her house. When she's not knitting, she's thinking about knitting, or working at her other job as a kindergarten teacher. She lives in Ohio with her husband and son, and two darling dogs.You can find her patterns here on Craftsy and read more about her life, crafting, and other daily musing on her blog Life on Laffer (

A+ Knitting: Back-to-School Knits for Kids

My Fair Maiden + More Kids Knitting Patterns on the Craftsy Blog!

I hate to admit it, but it's time for the kids to head back to school, if they haven't already. The evidence is in the bare school supply shelves at stores every where. But let's go beyond pencils and notebooks, it's time for some back-to-school knits for kids! Knitters, get ready to cast on some fun knits for kids that will look great in the halls and on the playgrounds.

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How to Rip Your Knitting: Techniques for Fixing Knitting Mistakes

Ripping and fixing knitting mistakes on the Craftsy Blog!

It's happened to all of us at some point: You notice a mistake far enough back in your knitting that you can't tink. You must rip back. But is there an easier way to rip back your knitting without ruining what you've already done? Yes! Here are a few simple techniques to making ripping back your knitting a lot easier, and a lot faster too.

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3 Tips on How to Seam Your Crochet Seamlessly

Crochet Cardigan -- Seaming Tips on the Craftsy Blog!

It's the final step to finishing your project, and yet it's one of the steps that can scare so many away from a project: seaming your crochet. But it doesn't have to be hard. I'm here to help. Check out three helpful tips for making the process of seaming your crochet seamless.

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Seamless Seaming: 5 Tips for Seaming a Knit Sweater

Tips for Seaming a Sweater on the Craftsy Blog!

Seaming can be a tricky process at first. But, with a few expert tips, you'll learn to love it, as you seamlessly seam your projects into wonderful, finished pieces. Check out the five top tips for seaming your knitting projects here:

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Knitting in Color: Choosing Colors for Your Knitting Project

color wheel

Knitting with multiple colors can be tricky business, and sometimes the hardest part is getting started with the right colors. Check out these helpful tips on selecting yarn color to make the process of staring your next colorful knit project less stressful.

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Wrap it Up: 6 Tips for Finishing Your Crochet Like a Pro

Hexagon Flower Pillow -- Finishing Crochet on the Craftsy Blog!

Finishing your crochet project is more than cutting the yarn to fasten off. After many hours crocheting your newest project, there are still a few final steps after fastening off that will give you a professionally finished piece. Here's how to do it!

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Tips & Project Ideas for Knitting Your Perfect Summer Tank


Just because the weather heats up doesn't mean you can't knit! A sleeveless or short-sleeved knit top is the perfect addition to your wardrobe this season! Here are a couple tips along with a few adorable project ideas to help you knit a perfect summer tee.

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