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Andrea learned to sew when she was 10-years-old, but developed a true passion for it after graduating college and moving into her own apartment where she could spread out her mess of fabric scraps and pattern tissue. Andrea now lives in Philadelphia, PA, and sews the majority of her personal wardrobe, which she blogs about at Four Square Walls. She won second place in Season 1 of the online sewing competition Project Sewn, and has served as a judge in the 2013 Super Online Sewing Match and a pattern tester for several independent companies. After five years working in non-profit fund development, Andrea decided to leave the formal office environment and pursue a career as a seamstress. She currently (and very happily!) works in a local studio helping with commissioned sewing work, including alterations, custom garments and home decor.

How to Attach Lining to an Invisible Zipper With a Sewing Machine

Sewing a zipper to lining -- Sewing tips on the Craftsy Blog! When sewing the lining into a garment with an invisible zipper opening, many sewing patterns instruct you to hand sew the lining to the zipper tape on the inside using a slip stitch. It is usually possible to attach the lining to the zipper by sewing machine instead for a faster, stronger and cleaner finish. This post demonstrates how to sew the lining to to the invisible zipper of a garment without any hand sewing. Read more »

Sewing Essentials: A Guide to Fabric Marking Tools

Marking Tools for Sewing -- Guide on the Craftsy Blog!

Many sewing projects require you to temporarily mark the placement of closures, darts, pockets and other design elements. This post will provide a guide to all the pros and cons of many of the different marking tools available to make choosing the right tool simple!

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Stretch Your Skills: How to Hem Knit Fabric Five Different Ways

Heather Gray Knit Fabric Hemmed Four Ways

Hemming knits is often the trickiest part because you need to make sure the openings to your garment stay stretchy enough to pull on and off your body. This post demonstrates five different ways to hem knit fabrics, so they will not become wavy and distorted and are less likely to have threads snap when the fabric is stretched.

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