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Paste You’ll Want to Taste: How to Make Tomato Paste at Home

Homemade tomato paste

Let's face it: canned tomato paste is not a food to write home about. It's tinny, it's bland, and it's best used in recipes that mask its underwhelming flavor. Homemade tomato paste, however, is a different, and more flavorful thing entirely. So release your taste buds from the shackles of the canned variety and learn how to make tomato paste at home.

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10 Brilliant Photography Tips for Beginners


These days, you don't need a formal education to be a photographers — there are plenty of ways to learn the art of photography. Start with these beginner-friendly tips that will help you start your journey on the right foot.

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The Ultimate Guide to Making 15+ Simple Quilling Shapes

open coils multiple

Getting started with paper quilling is harder than it looks. In fact, every tricky-looking shape stems from a simple circular coil. These detailed photo tutorials will teach you to make more than 15 simple shapes to use in all your future projects.

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Delicious Roast Chicken on a Weeknight? You Bet!

oven roasted chicken 2

Can we let you in on a little secret? It IS possible to cook delicious roast chicken on a weeknight. This recipe for oven-roasted chicken breasts comes together in just 40 minutes with minimal prep and clean-up.

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7 FREE Knitting Patterns for Toddlers

Free Knitting Patterns for Toddlers

We knitters love stitching up tiny baby patterns for newborns — but what happens when those babies grow into toddlers? These FREE patterns are here to keep the cute and stay sturdy during playtime.

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