Use Scrap Yarn to Crochet Beautiful Brooches

Posted by on Aug 28, 2014 in Crocheting |

Ready to crochet a project that's quick, inexpensive, and lots of fun? Grab a hook and some scrap yarn to make one of these crochet brooches!

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Cut It Out: 5 Tips for Using Wafer Paper in Cake Decorating

Posted by on Aug 28, 2014 in Cake Decorating |

Using edible wafer paper is a striking way to add a touch of drama to your next cake decorating project. We love how this medium can be ripped, cut and punched to create textured edges or precise shapes. If you're new to wafer paper, read on for our tips on working with this handy material.

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How To Make A Wholecloth Quilt: 5 Easy Tips

Posted by on Aug 28, 2014 in Quilting |

When you see a wholecloth quilt, are you overwhelmed with its simple elegance but have no idea how to create one for yourself? Read on for 5 simple tips on how to make a wholecloth quilt, and discover how easy and fun it is to make one!

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Kick Off The Holiday Weekend Early With 7 New Classes!

Posted by on Aug 28, 2014 in Cake Decorating, Crocheting, Drawing, Embroidery, Food & Cooking, Painting, Quilting, Sewing, Woodworking |

Embark on your next creative journey this Labor Day weekend with 7 brand new class, now available for up to 33% off!

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The Color of Light: Basics of Color Temperature

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in Photography |

Understanding color temperature is an important part of becoming a serious photographer. The color of light is fairly simple in theory and more complicated in practice. Here, I'll breakdown the fundamentals of color temperature theory to help you start taking your photography skills to the next level of great.

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Glazing With Acrylic Matte Medium: It’s Easy to Do!

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in Painting |

Get acquainted with acrylic matte medium and learn to use it in your everyday painting techniques. I'll demonstrate glazing, a way to build rich, complex color in your images. It's easy to do with the help of matte medium!

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DIY: Make Your Paper Craft Projects Shine With Homemade Glitter

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in Paper Crafts |

Looking for a fun way to add some extra sparkle and amp up the DIY factor for your paper crafts projects? Why not try making homemade glitter? You won't believe how easy it is to do! Follow along with this step-by-step tutorial for a fun, affordable project that's perfect for making your projects just a bit more personalized.

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