Free Pattern Friday: Get Organized for a Season of Making!

A place for everything and everything in its place! As the season of making approaches, now is a good time to get your crafting space in order. We’ll help you get started with these fabulous free patterns.

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Fabric Basket

Fabric Bucket Pattern

Bust your fabric stash, and then organize what's left with a cute fabric basket. It's a great addition to your sewing room, bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else you need to wrangle small objects.

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Sewing Supplies Pouch

Splendid Notions Pouch

Turn your fabric scraps into an adorable notions keeper. A paper-piecing pattern is included for the zipped bag whose inside pocket is perfect for grab-and-go projects.

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Simple Knit Flowers

Simple Knit Flower

Looking for a certain color of thread, fabric, paint or yarn among your mountain of storage boxes? Use these quick knit flowers to color code storage containers. That way, you can find the right color without opening each one.

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Crocheted Basket With Fabric Lining

Round Containers with Lining

Stitch up two sizes for a set of nesting bowls. They’re just right for holding buttons, clips, thread snips, even candy!

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Heart Cross Stitch

Love Heart Cross Stitch

Add another piece of fabric to create a pocket where the embroidery panel is and this door hanger becomes a cute scissors keeper. Or use it as it is for a hanging pin cushion.

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Free Zipper-Pull Beading Pattern

Bead/Charm Zipper Pulls

Make a zipper pull for your notions bag. It's easy to do with a charm and a few beads. This would also be a good way to identify your scissors when taking them to classes or guild work sessions.

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Paper Quilt Gift Tags

Paper Quilt Tags

These quilt tags are far too pretty to use only as gift tags. Print them out and write on the ”quilt” side, using them to label contents of storage containers.

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