Free Pattern Friday: Get Nerdy With 7 Geek-Loving Patterns!

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Hey there all you free pattern lovers — it’s hip to be square! We rounded up our favorite patterns for your inner-dork. Whether you’re a fantasy fanatic or a Dr. Who devotee, you can be sure to find love and acceptance amongst your fellow Poindexters. So embrace the nerd because these amazing free patterns are way too fun to pass up!

From Star Wars to science, get geeky with these FREE nebulously nerdy patterns.

FREE Mario Quilt Design Pattern

Free Mario Nintendo Quilt Pattern

It’s a Mario! Escape to the Mushroom Kingdom and rescue Princess Peach once again with a fun Mario-themed quilt design. Craftsy member Nichole Dunigan designed this intermediate-level pattern, featuring the classic Nintendo graphics we know and love. Quilt it today for some Nintendo nostalgia!

Get the FREE Mario Quilt Design Pattern here.

Luke Skywalker Star Wars Crochet Pattern

Free Luke Skywalker Crochet Pattern

The force is strong with this pattern from Craftsy member Amidorable Crochet. The amigurumi Luke Skywalker design pays homage to the Lego version of the original Star Wars series. Crochet this Jedi Master today and join the fight against the evil Galactic Empire!

Get the FREE Crocheted Luke Skywalker Star Wars Pattern here.

Travel Game Checkers Sewing Pattern

Free Travel Games Sewing Pattern

Check and mate: Enjoy classic gaming anywhere and everywhere you go with an on-the-go game board. This pattern from Craftsy member Patchwork Posse includes a hidden pocket for storing all your gaming pieces. From checkers to chess, you’ll be the king of travel entertainment!

Get the FREE Travel Games Checkers & Tic Tac Toe Pattern here.

Knit Yoda Star Wars Hat Pattern

Free Yoda Star Wars Knitting Pattern

Knit up this Star Wars hat you will. For a fun and fuzzy take on the small but mighty Yoda, this knit hat from Craftsy member KairaAnne is the perfect project. Make it for your favorite little Jedi in training.

Get the Free Use the Force Hat Knit Pattern here.

Dr. Who Cross-Stitch Pattern on Craftsy

Free Dr. Who Cross-Stitch Embroidery Pattern

This cross-stitch pattern from Craftsy member Jennifer O. is a Dr. Who lover’s delight. The TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension In Space) stitching features basic hand embroidery stitches for simple but fun design. Plus, it features a broken chameleon circuit, so no worry of your finished project shifting on you!

Get the FREE Time And Relative Dimension in Space Pattern here.

Garden Fairy Jewelry Pattern

Free Guardian Faerie Pendant Pattern 

Escape to a fantasy land with this Faerie pendant from Craftsy jewelry designer BobbiWired. Choose colors and beads to suit your unique style. Hang them as guardian charms from your purse, keys or even as a necklace as your own tiny, magical good-luck charm!

Get the FREE Guardian Faeries Jewelry Pattern here.

Paper Bow Tie Template

Free Paper Bow Tie Template

Believe me: Bow ties are cool! These once-geeky neckties are making a comeback in modern style. Check out this free template and tutorial for a fabulously nerdy nod to your next homemade cards paper crafts project!

Get the FREE Bow Tie Paper Craftsy Template here.

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What’s your favorite nerdy pattern?