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When you download Understanding Exposure for Better Photos Now: Beginner Photography eGuide, a FREE eGuide written exclusively for Craftsy by professional photographer Nicholas Donner, you’ll uncover the essential technical knowledge you need to start taking your best shots!

Understanding Exposure for Better Photos Now

You’ll love how easy it is: The PDF eGuide is instantly downloadable and printable! Of course, it’s loaded with beginner photography tutorials to guide you along the way. Learn the science behind shutter speed and ISO to ensure proper exposure. Then move on to depth of field and aperture.

Tennis Player Hitting Ball

Depth of field is a determining factor for what elements of your picture are in focus, and a technical understanding of how aperture controls DOF can help build the intuitive ability to take captivating images, every time. Learn to control all these technical variables & more in this free photo resource!

Sneak peek! What you’ll learn

1. Shutter speed basics
2. Aperture for beginners
3. A look at IOS
4. How to create proper exposure
5. Guide to depth of field and aperture

Chart on Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO

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Plus there’s more! By simply downloading the free eGuide, you’ll unlock an exclusive discount for your next Craftsy photography class, so you can learn more photography skills with our affordable, fun online classes!

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