6 One Skein Patterns to Bust Your Yarn Stash

If there's one thing I don't keep under wraps around here, it's that my yarn stash is out of control — and I'm not just talking about my yarn scraps. I have lots of single skeins of yarn hanging around that are just begging to be knitted. That's why one skein patterns come in handy!

One skein patterns not only help reduce your insane yarn stash, but they're also satisfying because they knit up so quickly. With one skein patterns, I can turn what once was a lonely, forgotten skein of yarn into anything from a shawl to a necklace.

Ready to bust those single skeins from your stash? You won't believe what our Craftsy designers can make from just one skein of yarn. See for yourself!

Knit chevron fingerless mitts

Photo via Craftsy instructor Aurora Sisneros

Chevron fingerless mitts

Small needles and a team of yarn overs create the fun chevron design on these fingerless mitts. Digging the chevron? This pattern, plus two more one-skein chevron patterns, await you when you enroll in Aurora Sisneros's One Skein Accessories: Chevron Collection class right here on Craftsy. The pattern is only available to students in the class, so take a seat and nab the pattern.

Find out more about the chevron fingerless mitts pattern here.

Prima lace knit legwarmers

Photo via Craftsy member TheSexyKnitter

Prima lace legwarmers

Craftsy designer TheSexyKnitter used just one skein of fingering weight yarn to create these too-pretty-to-hide legwarmers. The pattern is worked from the top down, so you can customize them to fit the length of any lucky recipient's leg.

Get the prima lace legwarmers pattern here.

Knitted one skein flambe shawl

Photo via Craftsy member cassiopeiamgm

Flambe shawl

You must think I'm crazy, including a shawl in a roundup of one-skein knitting patterns, but I assure you that this shawl only requires one 321-yard skein of fingering weight yarn. How, you ask? Its triangular shape means that it tapers off at the ends, so you're not using as much yarn as you might think.

Get the flambe one skein shawl pattern here.

Knit Pirra necklace

Photo via Craftsy member ambah obrien

Pirra necklace

Let's face it: with one skein of yarn, you could whip up dozens of these babies. Or you could knit matching bracelets. Or you could add even more strands. Creative overload! No matter how you choose to knit it, this would make an awesome gift -- or the go-to accessory for every single outfit you own. This pattern shows the necklace in two colors, but I think one solid skein of yarn will do just fine, too.

Get the Pirra necklace pattern here.
Knitted chevron cowl

Photo via Craftsy instructor Aurora Sisneros

Chevron cowl

Forget those crazy cowls that require more skeins of yarn than a sweater. This chevron cowl is small, but its design packs a big punch. Like the fingerless mitts we showed off earlier, the pattern for this cowl is only available if you enroll in Aurora Sisneros's One Skein Accessories: Chevron Collection class.

Find out more about the chevron cowl here.

Knit sideshow socks

Photo via Craftsy member bengel229854

Sideshow socks

Just one skein of Cascade Heritage yarn can bring you these colorful, toasty-toed socks. The pretty texture can't be beat, making them perfect for lounging around the house or paired with your favorite pair of flats.

Get the sideshow socks pattern here.

What's something unbelievably awesome you've knitted with just one skein of yarn? 



At the bottom of each paragraph talking about the patterns there is an orange link. Click on it. Although for the fingerless mitts pattern you have to sign up for the class


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