June Flower of the Month: How to Knit a Rose

June babies, do you know how fortunate you are? Your birthday flower is the rose!

No matter what month you were born in, you’ll probably want to learn how to knit a rose at some point in your knitting career. Thankfully, learning how to knit a rose is much easier than growing roses in the garden. Download these tutorials and patterns on how to knit a rose, and you’ll have a full bouquet in no time!

Knitted friendship roses

Photo via Craftsy member Ellen Kapusniak

Friendship roses

Did you know that yellow roses are a symbol of friendship? Knit this rose knitting pattern for your best friend — even if your friend isn’t a June baby! And the flowers will last forever. Don’t worry about any crazy in-the-round work. These roses are knit flat and then seamed together to form their pretty shape.

Get the Friendship Roses Pattern here.

Art Nouveau knitted rose socks

Photo via Craftsy member dawnbrocco

Art nouveau rose socks

I love how Craftsy designer dawnbrocco incorporated the rose into these cozy socks. There’s even a rose on the heel, making these socks perfect for clogs or other shoes without a heel. To achieve the pretty roses, you’ll just need to know how to do stranded colorwork.

Get the Art Nouveau Rose Socks Pattern here.

Knitted rose flower pattern

Photo via Craftsy member nicola3498654

Knitted rose

This pretty bouquet of roses can be totally customized. Choose from a knit or felt rose, or mix the two together as seen here. You can even change the yarn weight and needle size to vary the sizes of the roses. And did we mention the color choices? Knitting a rose has so many possibilities!

Get the Knitted Rose Pattern here.

Knitted little rose booties

Photo via Craftsy member Julie Taylor

Little rose booties

Babies still need help keeping their toes toasty, no matter how warm the weather is. These booties would make a great gift for a June baby — or any baby for that matter! Knitting a rose, including these booties, is a great idea year round.

Get the Little Rose Booties Pattern here.

Knitted rose cuff

Photo via Craftsy member thiscosylife

Knitted rose cuff

Grab those tiny size 2 needles and get ready to make a delicate rose knitting pattern that sits right on your wrist. I already have a dozen color combinations in my head for these. And wouldn’t they make great gifts, too? I’m also wondering how I can use the rose alone as an embellishment. Hmm…

Get the Knitted Rose Cuff Pattern here.

Knitted and felted rose

Photo via Craftsy member DaisyandFlorrie

Knit, hand-dyed and felted rose

This isn’t one of the traditional rose knitting patterns, that’s for sure! Get a lesson in both hand dyeing and felting when knitting a rose. You also have the option to embellish if you’re feeling super sparkly. Check out the beads designer DaisyandFlorrie added for some inspiration.

Get the tutorial for the knit, hand-dyed, and felted rose here.

Knit rose fascinator for hair

Photo via Craftsy member PurlsofthePast

Summer rose fascinator

Your love of roses will be totally obvious — and stylish — when you don this fascinator. Inspired by 1950s fashion, this rose knitting pattern is designed to be a fascinator, but it can also function as an embellishment. Think pillows, totes and even scarves!

Get the Summer Rose Fascinator Pattern here.

Which rose are you going to knit?


William J. Weeks

Is there any way I can buy a dozzen of the yellow and red longstem roses from you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

William J. Weeks

Is there any way I can buy a dozzen of the yellow and red longstem roses from you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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