Choosing An Embroidery Machine: 12 Must-Have Tips

Choosing an embroidery machine is important not only from a technical perspective but also as a considerable investment. Not sure what machine to buy? These tips will help you purchase the right machine the first time.

Bernina Machine Cutaway

Embroidery machine cutaway photo via Bernina

Depending on the model, you could buy a big chunk of a good used car with the money spent on an embroidery machine. Any large expenditure merits some research. After all, how many embroidery machines will you buy in your lifetime?

Here are 12 things to consider when choosing an embroidery machine.

1. What brand is best?

For the most part, the name brands are all good quality. Check the manufacturers’ blogs and forums to get a feel for customer satisfaction. The biggest bonus is the dealer. Find an enthusiastic dealer who excels in customer service and support and chances are good that you will be happy with your purchase.

2. How do you plan to use the machine?

Is it for home use or business use? Business embroidery is best done on commercial machines which are built specifically for mass production and continuous hours of operation.

3. Does it feature minimal requirements of your must-have list?

Certain functions are essential to your individual sewing needs, like automatic thread cutting, bobbin winding from the needle, pressure sensor or needle threader.

Designer Diamond

Designer Diamond photo via Husqvararna Viking

4. What is the throat width?

Some of the newer models have throat widths (the amount of space between the needle and machine body) that rival long-arm machines. It gives you more room to move around, allows use of larger hoops and is ideal for machine quilting of any kind.

Bernina 880

Bernina 880 photo via Bernina

5. Is the embroidery unit separate from the sewing machine?

If it is, you will be able to use the machine for sewing and quilting as well as embroidery. It is also an economical way to buy a sewing machine to which you can add embroidery capabilities later.


Jumbo hoop photo via Bernina

6. What hoop sizes are available?

Hoop sizes range from 100 x 100 to 360 x 350 and beyond. If your largest hoop size is 100 x 100, it limits the size of in the hoop embroidery designs or projects that can be stiched.

7. What optional accessories are available?

Find out extras you can add on later such as different presser feet, a quilting table or attachments for special techniques. Buy a machine you can grow into!

8. Are the embroidery designs built in or are they separate?

Some embroidery machines only have designs built into the memory. To access as many stitch and design files as possible, machines should also connect directly to a computer or load files from a thumb drive.

Babylock Endurance

Endurance II photo via Baby Lock

9. What kind of portal is used to transfer and access designs?

Early machines used floppy disks to transfer designs from the computer to the embroidery machine. Others use a data card or “magic box.” You will want USB connectivity with embroidery designs accessible from a jump drive or directly through a USB cable to the computer.

10. Can you get digitizing software specifically for your machine?

To run the whole gamut, you may want to digitize, customize and create your own designs. A variety of digitizing programs exist depending upon how detailed you want to get. Some are brand specific and others are compatible with any embroidery format.

11. Do owner's classes come with the machine?

Most dealers provide at least one owner’s class and offer refresher classes on basic machine functions. Once you are comfortable with how your machine operates, you can benefit from project and technique classes.

12. What warranty and service is included?

Dealers have trained technicians on site or under contract which saves a lot of time and worry when your machine needs cleaned or serviced. Otherwise, you would ship it off to the manufacturer for repair which is timely, costly, and risky.

Nobody wants to buy a machine and then find out you’d rather have a different model. A little bit of research is time well spent when investing in an embroidery system.

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What tips do you have for choosing an embroidery machine?


Moreen Hattingh

I have a Brother Innovis 4000 and am extremely happy with it.

Moreen Hattingh

I have a Brother Innovis 4000 and am extremely happy with it.

Beth Anderson

I am thinking of purchasing an embroidery/sewing machine. Currently looking at Viking Husquevarna (sp?). I’m a seamstress but have never embroidered. I don’t want to spend $12,000 but also want to get a machine that I can possibly start a business with. Where can I get non-vendor reviews? Thanks

Debbie Henry

Beth, Google machine embroidery forums. Many provide discussion boards on equipment where you can “poll” participants. Also check on Facebook for embroidery digitizer groups. I can vouch for two: Molly Mine and Applique Corner Fanatics. They have thousands of machine embroidery followers who are very generous with their tips. Typically you must request to join. I know I have found a lot of invaluable information and ideas there!

beth anderson

Debbie – Thanks so much. I appreciate the information.


Husqvarna Viking has hoops as small as 40 x 40 mm…and their machines will accept EVERY hoop they make, up to the maximum size (which usually comes with the machine) for the throat space on your particular machine.


Realize this is an “old” thread….anyway, I run a small side biz making various baby items. Have had a lot of requests for embroidery, but I don’t have the machine or any real experience, but am looking into purchasing one. Debating between a combo machine (just in case the embroidery doesn’t take off) and getting a stand alone. Any suggestions for a good quality, budget friendly machine? Prices are killing me, I can’t justify spending 1K on a machine…

Debbie Henry

Kandace, buy the best machine you can afford. Avoid anything with a “card” or a “box.” Technology changes so rapidly, you will want a machine you can grow into.

Anna Bennings

Mi question is about converter box and cards. I have 3 machines: Brother PE-8500, old Artista 180 and Deco 340. Have been using Amazing box for years. Got a new Win 8 computer and the box doesn’t work anymore. Contacted Amazing box manufacturer and they ‘ve recommended Ultimate box from Vikant . I appreciate your advice.

Debbie Henry

I don’t know much about conversion boxes Anna. I’d contact vikant customer service to be sure before you buy one!


Very constructive for new beginners to learn about the field that is newer for them.

Muhammad amin

Plz give the suggestion as I want to start on domestic level


This article helps me to get bird eye view. This is the gist of all.

Nwankwo Uche Kingsley

please, kindly send me the proforma invoice of this embroidery machine through e-mail. Thanks

Betty sleeter

I have a singer quantum xl 6000 I never have been able to get it to get patterns from the computer to the sewing machine I bought on line new from California I have contacting singer no help can anyone help me


If you bought it new, Betty, the vendor should help you. If not, I’d ask for my money back and buy from someone who provides assistance/owners classes.

Debbie Henry

Abbas, Craftsy does not sell machines. If you do an internet search for the brand of machine that interests you, it will list dealers you can contact.


What’s a good affordable embroidery machine that I can use a USB stick ?


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